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ICCF22 Документ Юерга Виттенбаха

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    Assisi Italy. ICCF22. September 2019
    Juerg Wittenbach Document
    Two parts. 1. A new theory of dense matter 2. LENR experiment + theory.
    Part 1. NPP 2.0 SO (4) Page 1-25
    The unification of all 4 forces.
    The explanation of gravity.
    Detailed wave structure of protons, neutrons, electrons.
    includes charge and radius and internal forces.
    Calculation of nuclear masses and magnetic moments.
    The wave structure explains the merger (LENR).
    The wave structure explains the gamma levels.

    Part 2. LENR experiment. + Theory Page 26-34
    These LENR experiments were performed by Russ George at the Ecalox Laboratory in Essex (UK). 2017-2019
    Most gamma-ray measurements were made by Jürg Wittenbach.
    Gamma range = 20-600 keV
    The spectra were calibrated with 3 different strong lines (Cs, Am).
    Line Matching Accuracy = + - 300eV.
    LENR reactions increase total gamma radiation by 100%
    The level of selective individual gamma lines increased by 1000-2000%.
    Fuel mass = 3-6 grams. Volume <1cc.
    The generated energy of small granules = 10-20 watts.
    Two points
    1. Active LENR reactions suppress (consume) background radiation,
    2. Dense hydrogen is associated with gamma radiation, which leads to a peak shift.
    We only see when we are sitting in front of the spectrometer, and suddenly the background shifts by 2.4.6 keV or some central line shifts adjacent lines.
    These effects are temporary but exciting.
    This helps relieve boredom during the measurement.
    Measurement takes many hours.
    Fact: most of the measured excess of background gamma lines are the so-called magnetic lines,
    These gamma lines correspond to isotopic states that express the magnetic moment.
    We show only theoretically interesting spectra. Most spectral details remain confidential.
    Palladium / Nickel LENR = bond between Pd105 / Ni61 / solid deuterium

    https://www.researchgate.net/profil...68739777308/download/Poster+ISdfN?+iisiNi?isi ProjectUpdatesLog

    dense deuterium = dense deuterium ???
    I'm sorry I do not speak Russian God blessed

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